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2017 Events

    • 4th & 5th March – Oak Beach, Nr Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Golden Light Essence workshop and Essence making in the tropical rain forest.
    • 3rd & 4th June - Madrid. P'taah Event also an Essences workshop including making a new Event Essence.
    • 17th – 20th – Adrasan, Turkey . A P'taah retreat and a day Essence making in the Toros Mountains. Adrasan is about 2 hrs south of Antalya with a lovely sandy beaches and pine forests. The retreat will be at the Kybele hotel with further accommodation nearby.

For further details please contact us at:- info@goldenlightessences.co.uk Tel 01502 478282

Exciting new changes are planned for this website so watch this space, when our new range of essences will be available to order on line.


Last January's event in tropical North Queensland, Australia, had it all – sunshine, thunder, monsoon rain and of course, the most awesome group of people. From this incredible energy came the most extraordinary essence

'Children of the Goddess' - wow!

The 'Children of the Goddess' now joins our range of new essences, which were made at previous events around the world.
These essences are now available to purchase so please email us for details.

A Gift of Transformation

Perhaps you feel disillusioned with your life, your work and your relationships?

Golden Light Flower Essences can help you to open your heart and transform your life to one of love and joy.

These flower essences have been created to help us to understand and transform the negative beliefs we have about ourselves, and our world.

To transform these well-established beliefs we need to get in touch with our emotions and feelings around them. During a series of seminars and workshops with Jani King and P'taah it was suggested that when we strip back the layers of our experiences from birth to now we are left with Four Core Misperceptions or Beliefs which are:–

  • I am not good enough.
  • I am powerless to change my life.
  • Whenever I love I get hurt.
  • My world is not a safe place.
Lotus – The Goddess, to help embrace our four core fears

We at Golden Light Essences, were inspired to create an essence for each of these four core beliefs and a further five essences to help support this transformational process.

We offer these as a gift to you to help you embrace and transform your life.

"What is totally new and different when using the essences, is that I can access the emotion – fear and pain – so easily, it is there, clear and it is embraced at the same time".
V. from Austria

We provide these Essences as stock bottles in a boxed set or individually.

We have also created 5 Combination Essences (in dosage bottles). They are:–

Our specially created 5 Combination Essences
The Gift of Confidence
The Gift of Change
The Gift of Love
The Gift of Freedom
and The Gift of Calm

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Getting to know and accept who we are, with love and compassion for the choices that we have made, sets us free from the constant barrage of negative thoughts we have about ourselves and our world.
– Pattie Staines