Golden Light flower and vibrational essences were launched in June 2006 after many years in development.

They were created as a collaboration between Pattie Staines (a Flower Essence practitioner), Jani King (the channel for P’taah), and Ric Staines (Horticulturalist).

It all started after reading the two books “Act of Faith” and “Transformation of the Species”. Then through an amazing set of circumstances Jani King came to England to do a P’taah seminar, and our work together began. Ric then organised a number of events and retreats for Jani. It was during one of these retreats, and with great excitement, that we made Connecting Essence with Jani, P’taah and the wonderful group who attended that retreat.

There was one particularly inspiring summer with events in England, Ireland (where we made Dolphin and Whale essence), Malta and Turkey (where we made the third essence – Calming the Waters). In the weeks that followed we had the recurring thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could bottle the essence of his teachings, wisdom and incredible energy”. Then, as the emphasis of the events developed towards the transformation of our beliefs and misperceptions, a gem of an idea started to unfold.  Eventually we were to realise that we were in fact bottling the energy by having made these three essences.

Whilst visiting Jani in tropical North Queensland, Australia, we were totally taken over with the beauty and vibrancy of the flowers and light. The excitement between the three us was hard to contain. We knew we had to make a further 5 essences all linked to P’taah’s concepts that there are four fundamental and underlying fears on which all of our limiting misperceptions and beliefs about ourselves and the world are based i.e;-

I am not good enough,                               – Jade Vine

I am powerless to change anything,        – Star Gardenia

Love equals pain                                         – Golden Ginger

My world is not safe.                                   – Pink Powder Puff

The fifth essence is Lotusthe Goddess that embraces all.

Making the essences was a very magical time as each essence made emanated a golden light and so the name for this set of essences was born. During another visit to Cairns it became clear that there was one more essence needed to complete the set and the final essence, Frangipani – The Gift was made. The set of nine was now complete.

The set became “A GIFT OF TRANSFORMATION” and was launched at a P’taah event with Jani in Suffolk, England, in 2006.

We offer these essences as a gift to you – we hope you have fun as you transform your old beliefs from fear to love!