TRANSFORMING our misperceptions and beliefs

To gain a fuller understanding of how to transform our misperceptions and beliefs we need to review the tenets of the truths as put forward by P’taah through Jani King. We can then see where and how the essences may further assist in this transformation.



P’taah says that we have four basic misperceptions or beliefs which keep us separate from the more of who we truly are. He states that each person creates their own reality from their beliefs about themselves, the world around them and their emotional reactions to those beliefs.

These beliefs come from our personal experiences starting as a baby (or even before) and from the beliefs of our parents. Overlying these personal experiences are the wider beliefs of our extended family, our community, our religious connections, our nationality, our roots and even the whole of humanity. We come to see these beliefs as ultimate truths.

Universal truth, however, states that each person is a Perfect and Eternal expression of creation existing in a unified field of consciousness. If we accept this truth then:-

–           we are a perfect and eternal expressions of source.

–           each person has the right to joy and fulfilment.

–           there are no limits to the creative powers of each of us.

One can see that these ideas or beliefs are certainly in conflict with the belief structures (from personal experiences) that:-

–           Humanity is guilty of original sin, unworthy of love or loving.

–           We deserve all pain and sorrow, it’s part of the human condition.

–           Pain, sorrow, sacrifice and adversity MAY (if your lucky) make  you worthy of God’s love.

This conflict creates the emotional pain and physical disease, which many take to be an ‘inescapable fact of life’. All this is a misperception.

Misperceptions about who we are create the fear and emotional pain, keeping us separate from our own truth. We have been taught extraordinary lies. Who could imagine that God’s own creations should be kept separate and unworthy of God’s love for being the creation it is? Yet all of us, at sometime, bought the lie and came to know guilt and shame and powerlessness.



Let’s look at a newborn babe who, in the beginning, still remembers that it really exists in an eternal field of love. In it’s new and unfamiliar physical environment the mother and then father (or substitutes) are the focus of this limited reality. The baby, quite early in it’s new life experiences love withheld. To the rational and adult mind this experience may be the result of something quite trivial and unexceptional. However, to the baby, the FEELING of love withheld is a profoundly shocking experience. Then the baby experiences again, love withheld and love withheld and love withheld. It is this little child within that runs your life. When you are angry and in pain it is the little one who feels lost, terrified and abandoned.

As the baby starts to grow up it learns it must behave in a certain way to receive love and attention. So very early the child comes to believe that love is withheld because he/she is “not good  enough – I am unworthy. The result of not being enough is that one will be abandoned and die of the pain, the loneliness and terror.

As the child grows and the focus of attention becomes more outward, it taps into the energetic frequency, or family consciousness, which is usually comprised of fear, anger, sorrow, tension and frustration. This is a belief without any logic and this belief creates a feeling that is not love and harmony. The child tapping into this, still remembers the truth of love, but cannot speak it and even if it could, who would listen? The underlying belief which comes from this is, “I am powerless”  to change anything.

As the child continues to grow and focuses more on exterior life, witnessing and feeling the tension, anger and pain, of the family consciousness they come to believe that love hurts, that “love equals pain”.

Children, in their integrity, find the world exciting and a wonderful place. However, as they move further and further into adult life and are continually told “the world is not a safe place”.

The Four Misperceptions (or fears) have now been established in our consciousness and usually by the age of 6 they are set in stone. They are part of the vibrational frequency of the child. These fears create an emotional response, which is also a vibrational frequency so we create more of what we  believe. We recreate the same old stories and patterns, which show us the ‘truth’ of what we believe. They keep us separate from joy, success and fulfilment until we transform these misperceptions. The set of essences help with this transformational process and is the very reason they were created.