Jani King, Pattie Staines and Ric Staines

Pattie Staines

Pattie has been a flower essence therapist and producer since 1989. She is also a Reiki Master. Pattie set up and ran a healing centre and Reiki Clinic in Woodbridge, Suffolk, for many years.

She co-ran courses on anger management and offending behaviour at a local prison using complementary therapies and included P’taah’s concepts about choice and negative belief patterns of behaviour.

Pattie is co-author of the comprehensive book “New Vibrational Flower Essences of Britain and Ireland”.

She set up Golden Light Essences and now runs the business as well as running workshops around the world. She also runs courses on choosing and using the essences for beginners and advanced courses for therapists. She  was key in developing the Events Collection.


Jani King, PhD and P’taah

P’taah speaks through Australian Jani King.

Jani first met P’taah in 1947. Jani and P’taah have been writing books, recording sessions, and doing seminars, workshops and personal sessions throughout the world since 1989. She is also the artist responsible for the paintings which are used for three of the labels – Dolphin Moon, Children of the Goddess and Stargate. When at home Jani lives in tropical north Queensland in Australia.

P’taah tells us that he is a band of energy that exists in every where and every when. He says that we have called him forth from the yearning in our hearts to know the more of who we are. He comes to assist us in our journey home and says that he has always been with us.

His message is one of love and of creating more of what we want by giving thanks for what we have. While we can mentally communicate with P’taah at any time, he talks with us physically through Jani King.

For further information go to:  www.ptaah.com.


Ric Staines

Ric is a professional horticulturalist who both runs his own business and teaches gardening to a wide range of clients. He developed a range of courses including commercial organic production and Holistic Horticulture. The latter included Conservation, Organic growing, Permaculture, Herbalism and Flower Essences.

He broadcasts regularly on BBC Radio Suffolk.

He has also organised a number of events for Jani and P’taah and helps Pattie with Golden Light Essences.