We  have run a number of events around the world. During these events associated with Jani King and P'taah we enter the world of nature, explore our connections and make a unique essence with the group attending.

Coming Events

We have no specific dates planned at present.

However we are developing potential events and workshops for autumn 2017 and during 2018. These are planned to be in Gloucestershire in the autumn or spring, and Malta and Turkey during 2018. Once the dates are confirmed information will be posted here so keep checking or contact us for the latest news.

Past Events

17th – 20th June - Adrasan, Turkey . A P’taah retreat and a day Essence making in the Toros Mountains. Adrasan is about 2 hrs south of Antalya with a lovely sandy beaches and pine forests. The retreat will be at the Kybele hotel with further accommodation nearby.

3rd & 4th June - Madrid. P’taah Event also an Essences workshop including making a new Event Essence.

4th & 5th March  - Oak Beach Dreaming, Nr Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Golden Light Essence workshop and Essence making in the tropical rain forest.

August 2012 - Adrasan, Turkey

August 2012 - Suffolk, Uk.  "The Portal tour"


Event Essences