The essences supplied in Stock Dilution will need to be further diluted to Dosage strength before taking. However you can take the essences direct from the stock bottle in an emergency, but it can be wasteful for long periods so it is recommended that you use a dosage bottle for longer term use, therefore getting a more lasting result. A spare bottle is included in the boxed set for this purpose.

We recommend that five drops of each essence required is taken from the stock solution bottles and then added to the 10ml dosage bottle (if using a 30ml bottle increase to 10 drops) to which you need to add at least a teaspoon of preservative i.e., Brandy or Vodka, and then top up with Spring Water. Cider vinegar or glycerine can be used as a preservative if alcohol is unacceptable.

Once the dosage bottle is full and the lid screwed on tight, tap the bottle on your hand several time to mix the ingredients. It is then ready to use. It is helpful to tap the bottle each time prior to use.

It could also assist you if you kept a diary listing the essences you have used, the reasons for choosing them and the results you have discovered. This can help with seeing the bigger picture, because the changes can be very subtle sometimes and you may not realise you have changed your attitude to a certain belief or way of thinking.

We suggest once you have made up a dosage bottle you continue taking the essence until the bottle is finished. Often we can start to feel a little better before the bottle is finished but it is advisable to continue for a more profound and lasting result.