We offer a set of Combination Essences using the collection of essences from our stock solutions. They are in 30ml dosage bottles for immediate use to help us to transform our negative thoughts and beliefs.

They are:
A Gift of Confidence – to give us confidence and to help us to see that we are worthy to achieve what we want and to help us not be afraid to take a chance - a go get it essence.

A Gift of Change - helping us feel powerful, to take control of our situation and enable us to make powerful choices putting us firmly in the driving seat.

A Gift of Love - a love of who we are and where we come from. We are born of love and go back to love and all the stuff in the middle is just a story. Love is the truth of our being.

A Gift of Freedom - Gives us the strength to be out in the world helping us feel free. To be who we really are.

A Gift of Calm - Gives us emotional stability instead of our emotions getting the better of us. To calm the roller-coaster of emotions.