Gift of Calm


To help calm the emotional roller coaster of life


This combination is helpful for when you need to be calm and relaxed allowing you to let go of any stress. When we get caught up in emotional turmoil it is very difficult to see a way through. It becomes harder to understand what is going on and how we are feeling.

Constant emotional stress stops us being able to think clearly. We become irrational and our thoughts get confused. When the emotions take over it can affect us physically, we stop breathing properly and we can get very stressed which can affect our well being in many ways.

It is really important to find some peace, to find your centre point and to be able to focus. This combination helps us to find that centre point, bringing us to a place of calm where we can find that inner peace. We can then make rational decisions without them being run by our emotions.

As we calm down it becomes easier to be in the now. This in turn calms us more. In this calmer space we can start to see the causes of the upsets of the roller coaster ride of our emotions, leading to our embracement of these misperceptions as we find the gift of the situation. This then starts to bring the fun back into our lives.

You can also use this combination in emergency situations when some form of trauma or emotional upset occurs.

Gift of Calm

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