Gift of Change


An Essence which will help us feel powerful, to take control of our situation and enable us to make powerful choices putting us firmly in the driving seat.


This combination helps those who feel depressed and are very negative about their lives and find it difficult to see a way out. Often worrying about what might happen in the future or has happened in the past. This situation can make us feel powerless -– feeling that we do not have the power to change what is happening to us, that we have no choice, that we are somehow fated.

These negative feelings reinforce the fear of powerlessness, and therefore feeling a victim, not being in control, things happening to us instead of being able to take control and create what we want.

This combination can help to put us in the now, not in the past or in a perceived future, but in the right now, where we have a choice about what it is we actually want, coming from a place of love not fear.

The support essences included in this combination helps us to see the gift in every situation, to be in the now moment (that actual place when we make a choice) and to embrace the joy of making our own choices. Also included is an essence to lighten us up rather than being weighed down with fear – enlightenment not enheavyment!!

There may be challenging times ahead with changes that are occurring on our planet. This combination can help with keeping us in that place of power, not buying into the fear of change, being excited by all the new possibilities.

Gift of Change


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