Gift of Freedom


An essence to gives us the strength to be out in the world helping us feel free. To be who we really are.


This combination helps to clear the pathways that have been closed down through fear, allowing you to create something new without all the old conditioning stopping you. Freeing you to achieve and do all the things you always wanted to.

We have many fears that can restrict us from achieving what makes our heart sing, keeping us trapped in a no-life. Many of our fears relate to ‘not having enough money’, ‘that life is very hard’, ‘we have to struggle to survive’, sometimes feeling that some awful disaster may happen, and not being able to do anything about it. This can cause real anxiety.

The support essences in this combination assist us to be in the now, not worrying about the past or future, being carefree like the fearless child playing in their own safe world. We can then honestly own these fears that keep us from being free and therefore embrace and release them.

This combination gets you out of the negativity, which is created by the fear of lack. It helps in the changing of the negative frequency to a higher more positive one, enabling you to attract to you all the wondrous things you have ever wanted in your life – the universal law of attraction. You then become a deliberate creator drawing to you more of what you want.

Gift of Freedom


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