Gift of Love


An essence of a love of who we are and where we come from. We are born of love and go back to love and all the stuff in the middle is just a story. Love is the truth of our being.


This combination helps connect us to the love within.

It helps us to express love from our core being, healing the inner child who had felt not worthy of love. In childhood we have felt unloved and not approved of. This causes such pain, that we close down our hearts for protection, which in turn keeps us separate from loving ourselves and others.
This combination helps to heal that pain and grief of feeling unloved and unlovable.

The support essences in this combination help to calm the roller coaster of emotions as our buried feelings surface. We can then find the gift in the situation. As we embrace our pain of love withheld we come to feel the depth of unconditional love within us, and come to realize that we can love and be loved.

This combination can also help when family and other relationships are difficult. It can help bring peace and harmony in challenging situations within the home, at work or at play. When you see yourself in a new light – loving who you truly are – you then reflect this back to others creating harmony.

Love is our true state of being.

Gift of Love


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